European Commission

They allege that you create unjustified fear in the population of all of Europe. Neither the Spanish cucumbers, neither seems that Germanic soybean sprouts, are the source of the outbreak that has already killed 22 people in Germany. Claim again to Germany that will strengthen the monitoring and controls. The health Commissioner, John Dalli, Tuesday has urged Germany not launching new alerts about the origin of the outbreak of e. coli that affects the area of Hamburg without having scientific evidence because it creates unjustified alarmism and harms European food producers, as it has happened with the accusations to the Spanish cucumbers.

It is crucial that national authorities do not rush to give information about the source of the infection that is not proven with bacteriological analysis because this creates unjustified fear in the population of all of Europe and creates problems for our producers of food inside and outside the EU, it has claimed Dalli in a debate before the plenary of the European Parliament. In this regard, the Commissioner of health has reminded that you suspect them initials of Germany that Spanish cucumbers were the origin of the outbreak have not been confirmed by any test. And he has stressed that so far no analysis has demonstrated neither that source are soybean sprouts, as Berlin said at a second time. Therefore, Dalli has claimed the States members who avoid premature conclusions and only trigger the European system of alert food when have scientific evidence. The Commissioner of health has claimed back to Germany to strengthen controls and surveillance to identify the source of the outbreak and to curb the spread of the infection. The EU Executive has sent a mission of expert epidemiologists to the country to assist the German authorities. Dalli stressed that the outbreak is geographically limited to the area surrounding Hamburg and that therefore there is no reason to prohibit any product at the EU level.

Any veto, has insisted, is disproportionate, including Russia to fruit and vegetables in the EU. Finally, the Commissioner of health has explained that it is working closely with responsible for agriculture, Dacian Ciolos, to seek compensation for farmers affected by the crisis. Source of the news: the European Commission calls on Germany to not launch more alert without evidence of e. coli