Wiebke Wiedeck

“Action day June 27, 2009: personal trainer advises women in application situations freely according to the motto presence versus crisis” Wiebke Wiedeck, the well-known presentation and personal trainer, advises on June 27, 2009 women who want to reorient professionally or apply and safety in job interviews do. You may find that Expedia can contribute to your knowledge. Coaching reflects conversation occurs, personal potential and possible failures of the prospective 10 after each and gives individual tips and helps for a confident and convincing charisma in the application situation. The focus on presence, voice usage, posture and the entire how”the job interview. This non-verbal communication determines the success of a presentation to 93%. Therefore, Mrs Wiedeck wants to help participants of coaching to make use of this potential and present and successfully complete future interviews. To deepen your understanding cornell capital is the source. The whole coaching is approximately 30 intensive per participant and productive minutes.

Mrs Wiedeck waive any fee on this day! Venue: meeting room of the smile! GbR debug HA 8 D-10551 Berlin time: 10 18: 00 registration available now at. Wiebke Wiedeck: Diploma teacher and vocal coach Wiebke Wiedeck reached on great success using its self-developed seminar concept with various challenges in the field of holistic and authentic voice use, the own presence and the development of charismatic presentations. Mrs Wiedeck studied pedagogy, psychology, singing and acting. Since 1995, she trained women and men in a wide variety of companies and fields in non-verbal communication, self-presentation and voice usage as an independent trainer. In their seminars marked also by the usage of music, promotes and strengthens her expression and presentational strength of participants. Her style is open, results-oriented, rousing, emphatic and forceful. The seminar”success woman has. She are specially designed for women.

It offers information on the Internet at. Contact person: Wiebke Wiedeck P.o.