The Original Man Cookbook Man(at)Herd

14 recipe girls teach cooking to men! Want to conjure up an ideal cookbook for beginners, with little effort and a professional result in the kitchen. Accompanied by pretty girls of recipe”understandable way fish, meats, soups, pasta, feta and more succeed easily. The idea to the man Cookbook Man@Herd the author and amateur chef, Andreas large, had long ago (of course) at dinner. (Similarly see: Expedia). Only in the complete realization problems plagued again and again. Many cookbooks have a bad handling and moderate descriptions. Especially for beginners, but it is precisely these points are very important to take the wooden spoon in the corner not right back. So are Man@Herd both the practicality (E.g. The integrated book display), as well as a very accurate explanation an essential feature.

The number of 14 recipes, to allow beginners, easy to find your way to the pot and thereby learn the essential basics when cooking. So it’s not surprising that of fish, meat, feta a wide range of international cuisine is available on soups and pasta up to the appropriate side dishes. And time of course also plays a big role. “Andi large:” all recipes usually last between 20 and 30 minutes. I guess any beginner to use the kitchen timer to get a feel for the right timing.” The Compact (DIN A5) waiting man Cookbook Man @ stove with many special features. For example, the rausnehmbaren shopping list or the integrated book stand.

Are also in the annex under cooking tricks + knowledge base “or kitchen tool advice”, all important Infor information succinctly explained. In addition a clear conversion table for determining amounts of rounds (“for example:” how many grams fit in a tablespoon of salt? “”) the whole thing off. The quality is reflected in details, such as the double-sided laminated pages, the 250 gr. heavy paper, the purchase slips of paper pinned on each side, the designed in the stylish orange Stand or the metal rings (also for the suitable hanging on the wall). A particularly optical stimulus is on the one achieved by the professionally qualified serving suggestions in large, white Thomas plates and on the other by the delightful recipe girls “.” “Andi large:” Yes, well the pretty girls of the recipe should it not be missing. After all, what man doesn’t like some help to get by an attractive girl? “Summarized Man@Herd in addition to a class optics, precise explanations and tasty Essen.Bei Thalia and Amazon (ISBN 978-3-00-028582-0) offers for 8.88 available. Andreas-large