Success Of Oprah Winfrey

In school, she went to 13 years, but visit each day, she has not been possible because of the difficult financial situation of the family. Then Winfrey stole money and her mother ran away from home. But she returned. In 14 years Oprah zaberemennela and bare, but soon the child died (more, incidentally, she had not even tried to have a baby). A distraught mother moved the girl to her father in Nashville. Actually, it was in Nashville and Oprah began her career in the media. She managed to become the first black woman reporter on local television.

In 1976, Winfrey moved to TV in Baltimore. There's something, and began her career. In 1984, Oprah moved to Chicago where he became a leading morning show 'Chicago before noon. " A year later she began to lead his own program "The Oprah Winfrey Show 'has become legendary and brought her fame and money. Oprah's 25 years on the air. The rights belong to the program studios Harpo Inc.

– Companies most Winfrey. Also, the studio has been producing series and movies. Oprah's brand name – candor. In fact, in his youth with one of the television she was fired for being too emotional. Subsequently, this same emotionalism and became a business card black divas. She managed to talk to her talk show even this impenetrable man like Mike Tyson. Now it is difficult to find a celebrity who is not shared with a Winfrey a secret – on her show is always recognized in a secret and telling secrets.