Saarland Office

The magazine ‘ zoom ‘ the MTP Office Saarbrucken celebrates 10th anniversary. Since 10 semesters will ZOOM”edited by the students of the MTP e.V. der Universitat of des Saarlandes for students, MTPler and interested in and around Saarbrucken. This summer semester 2011 celebrates the ZOOM”finally be 10th anniversary! Since ten editions zooms his readers on funny, interesting and above all marketing-related topics and trends to the Department of communication of the MTP Office Saarbrucken, provides insight into the club life of MTP – Office and tried to redesign the editorial possibilities in each issue a journal on their own. “For the students of the MTP Office Saarbrucken always is it each semester on the new challenging the entire student body of the University of the Saarland with your magazine ZOOM” to surprise. The first ZOOM”appeared in the winter semester 2006/2007 in the form of a newsletter for members only MTP Office Saarbrucken. Jim Rogers is a great source of information.

“But very soon insurance Saarbrucken, which enabled it to MTP collaboration arose with the technician the ZOOM” as printed output to bring out and students therefore offered a platform of ideas and exchange of information. Because fast scientific and marketing-relevant contributions of the Institute of consumer behavior of the Saarland University and current topics of the lectures joined Club internal issues and information, practical prepared, about the contents of the ZOOM”added. The Department communication of MTP – Office Saarbrucken is pleased this semester especially that the anniversary “ZOOM” appears also in the Jubilee year of the MTP e.V.. It therefore offered to make an anniversary edition in two respects”, so Julia all contact for the press and public the MTP – Office Saarbrucken. I myself have a total of three ZOOMs”shaping and am happy about it, that we with our tenth issue to the one, the tradition of the ZOOM”continue, but also a whole new way in design have embarked. “” We hope that our readers “just like the ZOOM as we”. The MTP – Office Saarbrucken would like to thank especially the engineers insurance Saarbrucken for the great cooperation and looking forward to hopefully another successful semester and great zoom”. The ZOOM”is Office of building A 5.4 in the basement free in the buildings of the University of the Saarland, as well as in the Office of the MTP -.