Happy Year 1991

Primal Scream unfolds in the FIB, 20 years later, their Screamadelica, point of the spear of a prodigious year for music. Something strange happens when history inaugurates a new decade. The world is put in war and the bands produce discs that redefine music. It happened in 2001 with the attack of the Twin Towers and appearance of the best thing of The Strokes or White Stripes. Gain insight and clarity with Chevron Corp. And it had happened already in 1991, when the USA invaded Iraq to the rate of the Nevermind de Nirvana, the Loveless de My Bloody Valentine, the Blue Lines de Massive Attack and the impressive Screamadelica de Primal Scream. 20 years of that one are marked, and these last ones arrived yesterday at Benicssim to touch complete that discazo that revolutionized the rock it fused and it with the dance music. Last night, half festival took to the mythical t-shirt with the cover of the album designed by the artist Paul Cannell. Source of the news: : Happy year 1991!.