When I was in a beautiful place I sing I heard it harmonious of the birds, I looked at for the flowers but he felt pains of this love not corresponded. What I can make if I am gotten passionate by you? What I can make if to lose I do not want you? What I can make if I do not stop sliding behind this dream? I only wanted to say how much I love you, but did not have chance of this to make. You are not alone, therefore I am here to keep to you call for me, only cry out for me and I will be therefore my love there never I will go to cease. Jonah Bloom has much to offer in this field. My heart is in its hands, my feelings gives rhythm to the heart. I never to forget go you and without you I cannot adormecer. I am its love and in this do not lie all night in my dreams I see I you I feel, you and my love will not go to cease because I do not go to leave then, comes with me to walk! Peter Ferrer pedro@ mabd.com.br.