Bradesco Foundation

Social rocking a society politically organized must demand of companies, churches, schools, governments and too much organizations the development of social projects. For in such a way, the presentation of a SOCIAL, joint ROCKING of information is essential on the performance of an institution in benefit of the community. This behavior already is adopted by some companies: the Natura invests in the education and defends the rights of the child; the Bradesco Foundation finances schools in all the Brazilian regions; Coca-Cola, times behind, donated a Real million for Solidary the Alfabetizao program and created the Coca-Cola Institute, which indicates the desire of the company to assume a socioeconmico commitment. The institution, acting socially, beyond contributing for the growth of the country, dignifies its name, also being able to use the social marketing, when informing to the population that company works in favor of the community. It is not without reason that one searches carried through in U.S.A.

disclosed that 76% of the consumers prefer involved marks and products in social action, since that they have competitive price and quality. This attitude intelligently initiates a new order of socialization, appeared from the difficulty faced for the public sector and of the envolvement of the organized civil society. Therefore, it is possible to glimpse solutions with participativa citizenship, after all the humanitarian responsibility is of all. In sight of this, it urges to make possible the creation of a law that becomes obligator the evaluation of the communitarian performance of the institutions, forcing them it the necessary awareness to collective well-being. Of this form, the capitalism ' ' selvagem' ' it can be substituted by a social capitalism. Jean Carlos Neris de Paula