Western Chimneys

Soon the brick for many years was the main material for production of chimneys. But the heating equipment is rapidly improving. Meeting the challenges of energy conservation and protection environment increases the efficiency of heating units and reducing emissions of harmful substances. Therefore, the rules of operation of modern stoves, fireplaces and boilers are placing more stringent requirements for chimneys and conditions of use. Modern smoke channels must be strong and durable. They have to withstand the high temperatures of flue gases, to provide smoke extraction in low temperature discharged gases, resistant to condensation and corrosive acids, as well as to meet fire safety requirements. Currently, once the monopoly brick was found a worthy replacement. In As a material for chimneys are increasingly using metal tubes, especially of heat-resistant and acid resistant stainless steel. To know more about this subject visit Lakshman Achuthan.

Stainless steel flues are lighter than the brick, and do not require additional foundation, they are much easier to install, it's easy to build a kind of designer, they are resistant to corrosion, durable, suitable for various modifications of boilers and furnaces. Metal pipes are the best section for the removal of flue gases. In the flue ducts of circular cross section in contrast to the square and rectangular without local twists that impede the movement of the main flow of gases. On perfectly smooth walls metal chimneys are not deposited soot. Steel pipes easily installed in already built houses, where the construction phase has not been provided the ability to install heating units and, accordingly, there is no chimney. Metal pipes are widely represented in our market well-known foreign manufacturers.

Established production of metal tubes for chimneys and Ukrainian manufacturers. Some of They produce and modular flues (the full set of required elements for the installation of chimneys every difficulty). Not inferior in quality to Western counterparts, the Ukrainian production is often much cheaper. In this , the market appeared flues of ceramic refractory tube in a shell of lightweight concrete.