The Future Economic

The other day, in a training session on entrepreneurship, I was a little pot talking about the financial crisis that us thievery. One of the attendees asked me how much was left to exit the pit. Without thinking, I expressed that, at least and in the best of cases, should take two years of splash in the hole, before grasping the Garrucha which us slowly out of the sump, while others understood speak more than five years. For even more opinions, read materials from Michael Schwartz. Once pass the painful and protracted trance, don’t think that demand will strengthen rapidly. They are a few years of sickly growth. And our Government? It is the political color that is, its role would have to be more active, interventionist and, possibly, protectionist.

Won’t you have another remedy. Just studying it for two years is making Germany. And companies? Ah! In many sectors, including the services, back remain exorbitant by intangible Ethereal margins (Yes, commit redundancy purposely). The factor premises should be taken into account, reeling in occasions the global factor in some economic sectors, not to say everyone in the long term. On the other hand, the cultivated reputations in my country (Spain), on the basis of urban Paraguayans, agreements of vestibules, lobbies and hallways of public institutions and other objectionable lobbies of three to the fourth, will not be sufficient or is fierce, face the new demands of the market, in line with work well done, at competitive price, namely the new market value of the new epochsay. Pressure from emerging economies and the new society of knowledge, coupled with the lack of certain resources, such as energy, oblige the local economic fabric to offer better products and services, tailored to each customer individually and at significantly lower prices. The local factor will become increasingly more important for reasons directly related to the shortage of the black gold and other precious metals, and indirectly with the talent, return to the neo-traditional economy (Yes, a concept coined and that may seem absurd) and the value of the near, the small, the exquisite, the concrete, individual and already not necessarily fraudulently expensive price.