Thermal Springs

Sulfur and hot water as a source of health and relaxation hydrothermal sources are sources from which water comes out, which is warmer than normal water. So-called hot springs occur when underground, the water is heated. Tectonic or volcanic activities are usually the cause. Partly, the escaping water reaches temperatures near the boiling point. In some places with thermal springs, cooking in hot springs is a tourist attraction. Emitted sulfur gases are often a byproduct of hot springs. Sulphur in turn is known as medical resources since the middle ages. Sulfur has on external application antibacterial and funigzid. This means that sulphur can kill both bacteria and fungi and parasites. Because of its relaxing effect, sulphur is also frequently applied in homeopathic treatment methodology. But not only the sulphur thermal water is suitable for therapeutic purposes. They are also very rich in mineral ingredients. Hot springs are often used to Thermal baths building. These baths use the sulphurous spring water. A visit to the Spa is relaxing. The warm water relaxes muscles and sparked tensions. There are often also artificially […]

Manuka Honey For The Skin

Manuka honey: honey of miracles – healing nectar for the skin we afford, she pointed out, that a rare New Zealand honey type is now recognized as a powerful remedy. Researchers have found that the New Zealand Manuka honey contains a previously unknown substance, among others in the healing of wounds, leg – and help stomach ulcers. It is very good for your skin. The antibacterial effect of honey has proven itself for centuries. Today the Golden nectar is still considered effective alternative against cold symptoms and his irresistible flavour it is suitable very well as a healthy sugar substitute. Now, researchers have discovered that a special type of honey (Manuka honey) from New Zealand even to wound healing can be applied. Manuka honey comes from bees, the nectar of the Manuka Busches collect. The plant, which is found primarily on the East coast of New Zealand’s honey gives a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is different from ordinary the Manuka honey Types of honey. The production of honey, bees add an enzyme called glucose oxidase giving honey an […]