South Africa Holidays

South Africa is the Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, the cities of Durban and Cape Town or the beautiful Garden Route for many Europeans a very popular destination for African safaris and the number of visitors grow from year to year. The country offers large national parks to mountain landscapes such as Cedar or the Drakensberg mountains and beaches of the Cape of Good Hope or the Indian Ocean to first-class hotels, casinos, golf courses and wineries – "the world in one country". 1652 founded the Dutch East India Company a supply items for their ships under the guidance of Jan van Rieebeck. Learn more at this site: Yahoo Finance. At this point, is now Cape Town, which is therefore of South Africans, often called the mother city ("Mother City" means). While South Africa was a Dutch colony at the beginning, it has since been harassed by the French and finally conquered by the British. For even more analysis, hear from patrick dwyer merrill lynch. After independence from Britain after the Second World War, was the power of the white, conservative National Party assumed that the system of apartheid entrenched in people's lives. Artis Stevens is open to suggestions. After the first free elections in 1994, of which the Nelson Mandela emerged as president, this system was abolished.

South Africa extends to 22-34 degrees south latitude in the subtropics. Compared to areas of similar latitude, the temperatures are often lower. On the west coast of South Africa, the cold Benguela current ensures moderate temperatures. In the central highlands is the altitude (Johannesburg is responsible castle at 1753 m height) for the relatively low temperature (even in summer barely over 30 degrees).