Snuggling Today – Tomorrow Drums?

What children so all your development need… Monotony in the nursery is out: today, more and more parents know that a child in addition to the games takes a Musikisntrument in the hand very like even with the usual suspects–such as stuffed animals and dolls -. Especially drums are doing in the course! Mama”, said the little girl, I would so love to have this drum!” And while it describes a temperamental drum roll with your hands in the air, she hears her mother answer: what are you doing with a drum? Not maybe you want a new toy? “.” But the daughter insists: Mama please! The drum! “.” The mother is confused, because the daughter is interested in otherwise almost only for her many stuffed animals: they are playmates, actors in even staged plays, protectors and friends. They already sit at the breakfast table, accompany the little girl in the Kita and are in the afternoon and evening as indispensable, as shown in the Night because then all lie in her crib. A good night you want each and every one and each has its own place. The small, cozy and soft friends with their friendly faces are not only much loved, they support the healthy development of every child: for just as we, as adults, children also lived and experienced must reflect and process. Children handle what we clear in conversation, or in the internal dialogue in mind with the language of the instrument, in the game: because their language skills are not yet differentiated enough. The little friends with the soft fur serve as identification figure, and as a communication partner they are basically willen – and incapacitated: only the child can act as desired.

And gives them properties: stuffed animals never contradict and they also do not insist. However, stuffed animals may be so important: children need a variety of suggestions! The desire to have a drum, does not ensure by about and that music has a very special meaning for the development of children, must be stressed. A music / or percussion stimulates children to active: the testing and experimentation, generating tones, or rhythmic series stimulates many senses and serves the development of fine motor skills. Last but not least, is conducive to the rhythm of the language development experience and has even parallels with the mathematics. There is much reason why, the stuffed animal to enrich collection through a drum it is then quite by chance even to experience how a stuffed animal an impressive drum solo drums not all parents! Author/contact: Melanie lazy,, stuffed animals, drums, toys, and much more for children