Scorpio Intellect

Those who communicates with them, he knows – from which nothing utaitsya Scorpio everything will be known, he will find and understand everything. Scorpio surprises inherent duality, it combines perfectly dissimilar things: passion and intellect, emotion and intellect. Nature of this sign tends to philosophy, he took the secrets of life and existence. Scorpios do not recognize no laws respecting them until such time as they do not interfere with his personal ideas. He is his own master. Scorpio, which prevented implement his plan would send to the devil one and all, with his little will be taken care implications. Who what he thinks about it – quite interesting.

If possible, observe the actions of the Scorpion in a critical situation. Unlike the other characters, falling into hysterics and unknowing what to do, Scorpio does not hesitate to Cold confidently taking the fight. Unpleasant surprises he perceives easily for granted as something that can be solved exactly the same way as ordinary everyday troubles, and all by the fact that he does not expect gifts from fate. Scorpions – sensitive nature, deifying luxury. They have a tendency to excess (food, alcohol, drugs) … Of course, this list includes love. Scorpio is created for this feeling – it will not be able to frighten or to be surprised.

Scorpio does not have many friends because of their choice, he is very careful. Around him, only those people whom he values, loves and respects. This man-Scorpio will never embarrassed. Owned by himself, he never give the wrong hands.