New Technologies

We know that the new technologies are varying our habits in all the scopes, and also is thus in a land so apparently traditional as the one of the weddings. They continue being the events organized more and better, but not of the same form that before. The habitual lists of guests, invitations and other preparations have happened to the land of the Cyberspace, and today they are realised to blow of mouse, independent of in what city are the contracting parties or the guests. Maria Mestraitua, the director of vestibule, knows first hand how they organize the Basque pairs today his wedding. Along with other partners, she created in the 2003 first local vestibule where the Vizcaya pairs could organize their wedding, intuiting the great advantages that Internet could offer to those who prepared their connection.

The project followed the wake of the first vestibules of state and international scope, and throughout his trajectory it has gotten to have registered 25% of the pairs that married in Biscay. At present, its continuous experience in, a new bilingual vestibule that it tries to give a more complete service to pairs of all the Basque Country and is first of these characteristics in Euskera. In him it is tried to take advantage of all the potential communication of Internet, materialized in Web 2.0. With this premise, everything has met in this new vestibule what 21st century can need a pair to plan its wedding in the heat of: local information and services, computer science tools of planning, and mainly, applications to be related to its surroundings, to think, to share experiences and to obtain new ideas. Throughout these years, they have been the thousand pairs that have organized their wedding through vestibule and at present more than 600 they are registered, trying to close the details of a connection that as average it is begun to prepare a year and a half before.