Motorcycle Travel Portal

Free downloads of tours for bikers at MOTOCULT important for all bikers! The motorcycle travel portal MOTOCULT offers all tours in the portal to download. Free of charge! Simply log on to MOTOCULT and go! Three formats are offered: Garmin, TomTom and NAVIGON. The operator indicates that with the ITN converter software also most other formats can be produced! In addition to downloading tours, MOTOCULT has still a lot to offer. Go to here for more information. There is abundant information about the holiday region, events, travel articles, interesting offers, current topics and much more – browse around worthwhile. It is also interesting that all details of the geo data are connected to each other, so that appropriate tour or the event is supplied an found accommodation equal to that! MOTOCULT is currently active in the Switzerland, Austria, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg.

Every day, new information will be added. Also motorcycle-related projects initiated MOTOCULT in addition to Internet activities. In the South of Tuscany (Maremma), this year will be in May to the first 3 road book tours for light Enduro riders. Together with the company have been developed in the vicinity of Roccastrada 3 approx. 150 km long distances. Who wants to be active themselves and the other bikers on tips and experiences would be, can log on to MOTOCULT and set yourself tours, events, articles, accommodation tips etc! Of course, the biker can also get in touch to replace or to schedule a tour or a holiday.