Managing Your Team

On the other hand, so far, among others many objectives and factors, you have paid you to dare to wrong Yes? Your professional activity has been very sensitive and intense. I know that not laugh thanks to staff because Yes, neither doras pill to managers or to your team. If you have done your work well, I think that you it has been, probably not everyone will be happy don’t you think?. If it’s any consolation, in my case, I also receive comments from the type: as if I am very pricy, what if given the chance to argue, usually respond with the affirmation of Deming: things are not expensive or cheap for themselves, but in relation to others; that if Capito, as if striving, that if this, that if the other. On a site of Andalusia (Spain), after performing a job, 99% of the inhabitants wanted to put my name to a street, but a 1% wanted me in another neighborhood (with alleged and veiled threats included).

If you look at these a priori negative comments can be considered, too, as positive. Remember Mary? Because it was called bad seat ass. A last example. A businessman in Malaga (Spain) that I know or you work for him or for anyone and when you ask for references of a / an ex-colaborador/a, the very rogue usually begins with a phrase from the style nor any wrongdoing nor a good, but then continues and ends up shooting (and that in the best of cases). I.e., by very good that you’ve behaved, it is clear that the references of that man will never be proactive, but you will have to give the data of the contact, if the work and the experience during your stay in your company have been important for you. On the other hand, your career is your career, as much a member of another company (ex-boss or disaster), allegedly infectious, corrupted, astray, poisoned or intoxicated, spilled trash and Rudeness in your profile to feel hurt by a historical action yourself or, simply, by pure envy.In short, that normal.

I always think that if you can look into the eyes of each of managers, middle managers, collaborators, etc., of the companies in which you have worked, not you should afflict you the least. It is life itself. What has to happen, will happen and if isn’t in your future work in a company that can’t separate the wheat from the chaff, as it is the best thing that will happen to you. Remember, the Sun will return to illuminate you tomorrow and the gentle Moon will ensure your dream every night.