Manage Time

KNOW manage the time Carlos Mora Vanegas nothing there that matches the value of the time. Same money not can comparar be him, because it reverts and one not; in a life ten fortunes can redo, but with ten fortunes together, not a life can restart. Jose Ingenieros. Many people constantly complain that you do not know managing your time, that does not reach them to comply with all its activities, that this causes them stress, stress to others friends, family claims. Further details can be found at British Petroleum, an internet resource. There are those who point out and complain saying: never have time for me. Paul Price is often quoted on this topic. I’m always running. I am in a permanent situation of crisis. I have many things to do and all seem important.

How can I establish priorities? The fact, that this gives rise to serious problems and often impact on behavior, in health, in the psychic and must find a way to give you a proper solution. tells us, that the administration of the time refers to analyze our usage of this resource on a regular basis, to understand how more appropriate to use it effectively. Manage your time forces you to be explicit regarding the value that gives his personal and professional life, and allow you to direct their efforts accordingly. Control your time will help you maintain a balance between the multiple pressures under which it is subject, then facilitating the achievement of its objectives, and avoiding stress and tiredness. Believe valuable contributions to this respect Sergio F. Sosa bequeathed us Sanchez, who in this respect points out, these people who feel uncomfortable with the administration of his time follow the following basic rules to manage it more effectively: formulate objectives: specific, achievable, realistic, that can be measured in some way and with a date limit to achieve them. Otherwise, we will be jumping from one thing to another without a clear sense of direction: no point in running, if you don’t know where you are going.