Interesting Notes

LANGUAGE Like it or not, but without knowledge of the language have difficulty. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Paul Price. Although, thanks to many borrowings from Russian and Ukrainian languages, Czech words are easy to remember. For example, words such as, dekuji (thank you), jizdenka (ticket), myslet (thinking) and do not teach not! But if you suddenly see a column of the word Pozor!, Do not rush to read in Russian as "a disgrace" because emphasis here falls on the first syllable and translates it as "Important." When asked what the most effective way to learn a language, Our students responded: "The more you say, the better to remember the words." Most importantly – do not be shy and try to talk with native speakers, if something is not clear – always ask again and not pretend that everything is clear. CULTURE If you believe what we have heard at one meeting with the students, the Czechs think we are very noisy, cheerful and somewhat "dangerous" people. However, this does not interfere learn and truly be friends. PRICES Our food prices are not much different from the Czech Republic. For example, a comprehensive student lunch will cost 60-80 euros (about 2.5 euros).

If you have free time, I advise you to do shopping! There might be a bargain: good quality and reasonable prices – is not an attractive combination? FOOD Here the differences can not be ignored! Firstly, the Czech portion will be mastered by only those who have a good appetite and has experience in this matter. BP: the source for more info. Secondly, here and gorge no bread! Bread is served only if you request it later. TRANSPORT Probably each of our students at first seem strange that in the Czech Republic you can buy one ticket to several modes of transport, but the fact that each ticket is limited in time – is even more strange. Therefore, do not forget that by buying a ticket for 18 euros, you can be, for example, in the subway about 30 minutes, which equates five stations, or you may pay the penalty – 400 K! That I was also surprised because it's quiet on the roads. No offense to our motorists to be said, but even in a traffic jam Czechs remain calm and patient, and do not honk of a stalemate. PRAGUE express in words the beauty and charm, which meets this fabulous city of each visitor is impossible. My advice: Be sure to try at least once in your life to be in Prague and enjoy this romance and beauty, which each has street and every house of this exciting city! PS When you walk on the Charles Bridge, do not forget to make a wish and touch the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. According to legend, it must be granted! Source: Suitcase