Elbenwald.de In A Fantastic Celebratory Mood

10 years of elbenwald.de and 5-year spectacle – Hooray for the fantasy! It is something special, if Elbenwald.de his already organised V. spectacle this summer it is a Jubilee spectacle that pays tribute to the fantasy community and duly introduces the 10th anniversary of Germany’s biggest fantasy mailers. With a multiple 4-day program and a heady feast the anniversaries are cheered up, because real want to celebrate birthdays. Cottbus, the 26.05.2010. Elbenwald.de welcomes old and new guests who 4 days away from everyday, common under the sign of fantasy would moments among like-minded people, from 15 to 18 July 2010 for the fifth time in a beautiful castle in the sauerland Lennestadt. Celebration is in the foreground of the spectacle this year, but also workshops and craft sessions invite whatever, creatively to operate. Masters of the craft teaching the martial arts with sword and bow and the journey into the world of fantasy, will be equipped with a range of colorful and can according to your heart’s content -expressed without rules without stress in raiment or without.

Many well-known authors and artists, Star – and special guests will gather to inspire with their abilities and to kidnap. Readings at the campfire, live concerts, workshops and gatherings deepen a colorful community and will give unforgettable hours in this year. The fantastic program of V. Elbenwald spectacle, designed the festive prelude to the 10th welcome at the same time Elbenwald – birthday in November 2010 welcome. V. Elbenwald extravaganza 15th to 18th July 2010 Organizer: Elbenwald GmbH location: Burg Bilstein in the Sauerland program points: lectures, evenings around the campfire, discussion boards, special workshops, craft rounds and team games, Torchlight Parade, live concerts and get-together stars & guests: Markus Heitz with surprises most successful German fantasy writer Kai Meyer – Germany’s showcase for fantastic adventure literature Thomas Finn – novel -, games, theatre and screenwriter Markolf Hoffmann brilliant short story writer and author Bernhard Hennen of successful novelist with a penchant for elves novels Theatre sharks – fantastic Improv Theater from Berlin TrRollheimen – young Game Boy kind of joke – with the big fantasy show “Anwyn – a fantastic journey” fire tail – the frivolous fun band of King’s bastards ingenious medieval band with new program tickets-& prices: the cost of spectacle above all depending on the accommodation category.

Participation in the program is included in the ticket price. The food is also included. Every evening a hot meal and breakfast brunch with hot and cold dishes. Register and more information at or spektakel.elbenwald.com for more information and on-site visits, as well as applications to the live coverage we are available. Fast dance with mischievous on the Elbenwaldspektakel 2007