Creative Writing

DDP direct organized creative workshop on Conference ship between Germany and Sweden Berlin/Leipzig 19. May 2010 ddp direct performs for the first time a workshop for press officer and supervisor on the open sea. The two-day workshop of ddp direct “creative writing words play and move” takes place in two unusual places: on the first day in a Lubeck hotel right on the water, on the second day on the open sea between Germany and Sweden. The reason: the workshop designed to meet even at the venue its claim to be creative, to develop new ideas and to take unusual approaches. A breath of fresh air, screeching gulls, and look on the wide sea ideal for creative writing exercises, says Sabine Witt, head of workshops and seminars at ddp direct. For the creative workshop kicks off on June 7, 2010 in Lubeck. In the evening, the participants on Board of the ship of the Conference go Nils Holgersson. On the second day, test and analyze the workshop participants creativity techniques.

There are tips especially written to successfully interact with writing blockades, intensive feedback to the texts of the participants and, as the day before. Coach of the workshop “creative writing” is Kai-Uwe Laubach, an experienced journalist and copywriter for print as well as for moving image. Links:-details of the workshop: – trainer profile Kai-Uwe Laubach, quote: the difference between the right word and the almost right is the same as that between lightning and a Firefly. Mark Twain, 1835-1910-following photos/graphics can be provided on request: Conference ship Nils Holgersson, Travemunde-Trelleborg Hotel RadissonBlu, Lubeck Kai-Uwe Laubach, ddp direct coach Sabine Witt, head of workshops and seminars ddp direct ddp ddp direct logo press contact Ms. Sabine Witt direct 04109 Leipzig GmbH Thomasiusstr.

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