Boris Koseleff

Also argued that it would take seriously the question of recognizing Latinos as an ethnic group in the polls and official documents. To the question of whether it was or not by an amnesty to illegal immigrants said that he was not to regularize to those who were four years because that would bring more irregularities, that should go towards a greater control on immigration and that if it was according to regularize many undocumented or irregular that they were some time, without specifying the required period. Not he gave to a challenge made by the lawyer Boris Koseleff who asked if he objetaria the Government’s plan to restrict citizenship rights. He raised that had taken the children many freedoms and that it was time that strengthened the power of the parents. He ran the return of common sense.

He spoke out against the demolishing Pueblito Paisa and his colleagues said that he could go in these days to visit the latino market in North London. Both he and Paddick spoke out in favour of promoting a Quartier Latin (Latin quarter). The lefts Lindsey German, left list candidate for mayor, raised increase the minimum wage and expand free transportation for several sectors in London. He postulated that should be given to all Latino workers immediately the right to vote and citizenship. She said that London was one of the richest cities in the world and that it was not possible that all that money is not invested in hospitals, schools and homes. He said that as coordinator of the campaign against the war in Iraq called for cessation of any military operation and that these funds were allocated to alleviate the increasing poverty of Londoners. He argued that it was not possible to continue without sanction to the killers of Jean Charles de Menezes and requested immediate freedom of Paul Fierro, of his wife and children.