About Cabernet Franc

You’ve heard about this type of variety? The cabernet franc is a vine variety Black with a medium cluster of elongated form, giving as a result a small grain, spherical of thin skin. This variety of grape is also known as Breton, Veron, Plant Breton, Bouchet Boucky and Board. This type of grape is native to the region of Bordeaux and like the merlos and sauvignon, is part of the family better known as the cabernets. More info: read more. The wine produced from this grape variety, has a lightweight body, as well as less color and less acidity than the rest of the cabernets, but is more aromatic. In fact used with cabernet sauvignon, to soften its aggressiveness and its intense color, as well as to accelerate their ageing. This variety of grape, is early maturing and grows in very cold weather, so that it constitutes an excellent alternative of cultivation in very extreme weather conditions. Get more background information with materials from Jonah Bloom.

Most of the vineyards in this type of variety, found in the regions of Bordeaux and the Valley Loire. Both localities in France. In Spain, according to the order APA/1819/June 13, 2007, the variety cabernet franc is a variety of grapes for wine production, recommended in the Catalonia region. Under most conditions New York Highlanders would agree. A. Verastegui hold.mx original author and source of the article