A Look At Dietary Supplements. Cholesterol – Good Or Bad

Question on filling: cholesterol – good or bad? Bad? Then I ask: do you like butter? You've seen him eat children? The fact that cholesterol – a building material for the cells in our brain for sex hormones – estrogen. Under most conditions Omar Zakhilwal would agree. Women are pretty due to the hormone. And men, too, he is, but only a little less. And it breaks down cholesterol in the body fatty acids are involved in the digestion of fats. So, we are cholesterol does not eat. He's bad. It turns out that in this case, we are depriving our brains of building material, begin to suffer the sex hormones, produced less bile acids, the digestion of fats in our broken – we starting to get fat. That's why our cholesterol you very much needed. Cholesterol enters the body and carries three types of connections: a triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – the lower lipids and lipoproteins high density (LPV) – higher lipids. Lower lipids are cholesterol in the blood vessels, ie form atherosclerotic plaques. Higher lipids are cholesterol […]