Raul Castro

But for people who do not know or remember the subsidy policy if my memory began in the early years of the so-called Revolution in the ’60s, I do not remember the exact year that raises the famous book supplies. But if that from the early years began rationing and philosophies called control on food, clothing, shoes, toys to children came into this philosophy of rationing. Now repeat again, realize that these subsidies are a nuisance. The issue now is that if they remove Cuba book does not exist a group of citizens little if starved taking book now will be worse, that their income does not give to complete its range of basic needs with an open market with prices more than high. Also happen that the level of social inequality is fired above the levels envisaged by Marx and Engels in the Communist system, that opens the gap between social classes, which are undoubtedly already in Cuba, to say one eg A winemaker and a doctor, when in normal the doctor should have a cup of income than […]