Hamburg Pilots

Jet pilots develop elixir for high performance and strong defenses. Zurich, Hamburg – whether in the cockpit of a fighter jet or on long intercontinental flights, pilots rely on alertness, concentration and responsiveness, as well as healthy defenses. To effectively support this performance, the idea a revitalising power cocktails based on the demands of the Jet pilots. True to the motto: of all the best pilots developed together with bio scientists a beverage concept quasi for domestic use. But the secretly brewed Elixir remained undetected and advanced in the meantime to the scene-drink only a short time. Under the name Pilotsfriend and a cult designed logo with Jet pilot, is rich in its consistency cocktail for an incomparable taste experience and promotes his long-term, invigorating, strongly revitalizing effect. The power cocktail, short pilots’ called, considered an insider and now enjoys the status of a party drug. Whether Jean Paul Belmondo, Jodie Foster, Paris Hilton and other celebrities, many of you with a pilots ‘ saw. Also, the large community of PC gamer and world of Warcraft”enthusiast seems increasingly pilots”calibrated, as […]

Christmas Gifts

Gift ideas for people who deliberately vegetarian eats no four weeks longer then is Christmas Eve. What actually gives you to someone for Christmas, who eats no meat out of conviction? Good question. Safety fanatics access perhaps the classics CD, socks, perfume and aftershave. There are other alternatives, or? A small help offers this year delivia, the info portal around the vegetarian culinary enjoyment. All those who want to give vegetarians, find tips for gifts relating to the meatless way of life in harmony. Books always go. Why don’t cookbooks? Just the vegetarian kitchen is occupied with the prejudice of renunciation for many people. While there’s lots of cookbooks, which fantastically illustrated in opulent manner, show what is possible in the meatless cuisine. From the basics of vegetarian”from the GU Publishing up to culinary world travel by Celia Brooks can be found a wide range of culinary guides, the the Enrich every gourmet dining plan. Who, whether business or pleasure, gift baskets would like to give away, is in good hands with specialists for vegetarian delicacies for Christmas. Meanwhile, some […]

Government Honor

Honour, homeland, dignity, all this represents and much more a flag (17 autonomies espanolas-sus flags-are today respected). With its attitude showed a person be capricious and devoid of the art of prudence, which must possess to be President of a nation such as the Spanish. You were against Mr Bush – the Lord of pumps-, and I assure you that I too, but was wrong, then, with his stance, he did honor to the American people. To love the United States.UU. It is to honour, although the honor is only of God. With regard to the latter, Calderon wrote: the King the hacienda and the life / has to give, but the honor/s heritage of the soul, the soul /y is only of God. Then came what of Tunisia: Rodriguez Zapatero encourages all countries to withdraw their troops to improve the situation in Iraq, so he prayed a journalism degree. It seems to me, Mr President, that you would have been a disastrous diplomat. Lately have jumped to the media condemnations of the policemen of the Bono – former Minister […]