Gardening Pointers

In seeking to create a perfect environment for the garden, you can make use of the different species of grass. However, you can also make use of an excellent supplement to the grass, as is the Dichondra repens, commonly known as ear mouse kidney or sheet, a name that is due to the resemblance of the leaf Dichondra Repens with kidney-shaped. The Dichondra Repens can be applied as mulch the soil well, plus it offers a very good image and you will not have to depend only on the lawn to give beauty to a point so important as a house is its garden. The Dichondra Repens is a species of plant that can grow easily in any weather and any terrain, suggesting greater facilities for culture, jobs and avoiding various problems posed by different varieties of grass, to which you must add that the Dichondra Repens can resist perfectly aspects as much sun or shade, as this kind of factors do not affect your health, which is not true with many Lawn signs, which is a clear demonstration of […]