To work at home with a business on the internet, the affiliate system is best when he has no idea what is e-commerce, since it can be started even without having no previous experience and a web site, although it is best. In this type of home business, involved two or three parties, by an affiliate side and on the other the merchant, and when the latter contract to a third party for take charge of the validation of the payment system, would have the third part of the system. We could consider to the affiliate as a Commission agent, or the person who devotes its best effort to present to potential buyers, product or service reason your membership and send them with the merchant, this normally is the website that has to sell that product or service. In the simplest to operate, we could say that there ends its work… The merchant receives to potential buyers, say referrals and using its automated web site, is responsible for registering referrals, in the majority of cases offering them some gifts like […]