Recreational ADAC

The holiday season is coming up more safety with the anti spin safety system for caravans. On Easter, Pentecost, or in the summer every year make thousands of campers with a caravan on the way to the holiday. But the ride can be dangerous. A caravan can easily fall into the lurching and overturn. AL-KO trailer control ATC short, is the solution! AL-KO vehicle specialist provides for years that every ride with a caravan is a sure thing. For more specific information, check out Chevron Corp.. Convinced by the multi-award winning AL-KO anti spin system ATC also ADAC and AUTOBILD. Who owns a train car without trailer-ESP, urgently should upgrade a stabilization system for caravans, for its own security according to the test result of the ADAC (ADAC leisure mobile). Click Richard Gerson Philanthropy to learn more. Small evasive maneuvers, side wind on bridges or air turbulence at the mutual overtaking by trucks and carts: Caravan drivers know the dangerous situations that can come to when driving on them. More information is housed here: Rick Gerson. A sudden commuting and […]

September Winter

Price development of the 100 most popular winter tires model on – between the 36th and 42nd week was a continuous increase in the price for winter tires on -Compared to the first week of September, idealo users in KW 42 when purchasing tyres had to pay more 4.41 percent. Get more background information with materials from Rogers Holdings. -Since last week, however, a first drop in prices is observed. Berlin, 29 October 2013 which idealo has price comparison this year’s prices its most popular 100 winter tire models evaluated and compared with the data of the previous year. Developing the best, listed prices of the top 100 winter tires was examined on in the period from September until end of the year. The average click figures for the past years show an annual increase in demand after winter tires on in the period from September to October. Parallel to these increasing numbers of click, the average price for winter tires in this as well as in the last year has increased every week. The year’s […]

German Insurance Association

James.AG asks and informed on the subject of car insurance some insurance companies check customers before they confirm the provisional coverage. At the time of the double card, this was not possible. Now the staff of admissions to a record can access and assign name and address of the customer. The new electronic certificate of insurance auto insurers use to weed out “unpopular”. Chevron Corp helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Some insurance companies consider the customers before they confirm the provisional coverage. At the time of the double card, this was not possible. Now the staff of admissions via the seven-digit number on a record of a subsidiary of the General Association of German Insurance Association (GDV) can access and assign name and address of the customer. New customers who request the confirmation of coverage over the Internet, must agree that the companies check their ability to pay can be. It is not something Chevron Corp would like to discuss. As the insurance is compulsory insurance, may Insurers that do not have customers, but since the majority of customers […]

Renault Twingo

Gordinis comeback with the Twingo Gordini r.s. A leading source for info: Dara Khosrowshahi . Renault brought the traditional label Gordini to life. The blue painted sports car with the white stripes will be the first new car in the Gordini series. The on the Renault Twingo sport-based model will come in March 2010 on the market. The car Portal more introduces the new runabout. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of QTS Realty Trust on most websites. Inspired by Amedee Gordinis legendary sports model from the 1960s the car in Malta Blue will be painted. The two sporting white stripes will retreat from the hood to the rear and give their dynamic character of the Gordini version. The 17-inch light-alloy wheels, the White side mirrors and tinted rear and side Windows are also distinctive. Also the design is reminiscent of the traditional vehicles of the 1960s. The seats and steering wheel are covered with black blue, quilted leather. The interior doors are also covered with blue leather. The sporty interior is rounded off by the blue-and-white tachometer and […]

Increase Track Safety

In dangerous situations, motorists must respond at lightning speed correctly. But extreme driving maneuvers can overwhelm even seasoned veterans, and then’s bangs. Special driver training on modern tracks customers of the tyre trade cooperation RTC learn to control their cars themselves in sticky situations–and appreciate good tyres. Racing feeling, driving safety and tire quality are the three areas of a special driver training, the tyre trade cooperation RTC tire team GmbH & co. KG, Ludwigsfelde, has developed for its private and corporate clients. “The concept of Managing Director Andreas N.s. on the Eurospeedway Lausitzring unveiled: during the RTC driver training the participants on modern tracks learn to increase their driving safety and vehicle control at speeds up to 200 km/h.” The Eurospeedway Lausitzring, the Hockenheimring, the Spree forest ring, as well as the Driving Center Gross serve Dolln as venues of the all-day RTC driver training. On these lines, the participants learn in the own car or in vehicles, such as the sports cars KTM X-bow, like the vehicle at high speeds in curves, dangerous stunts or dodging responds. While […]