The Explanation

In addition, given the current state of knowledge, both are true. Characterization of the position of Searle in relation to problem mind – brain physicalism naive + naive Mentalism of Searle biological naturalism has been criticized for reasons different and heterogeneous: criticisms of the biological NATURALISM of JOHN SEARLE 1. Despite his insistence on denying it, the core of his thesis is basically dualism of properties. 2. Regardless of their filiation, the theory does not end make intelligible the relationship between the micro-level and the macro-level. In this sense, is the problem of misunderstanding between the brain causes and their effects and/or mental achievements to talk of interaction or causation filmmaker, remains. What’s more, many of the examples of physics which provides the same Searle (i.e., the solidity of the bodies) show precisely how the invocation of micro makes intelligible the properties of the level pop-up; but in the case of the Neurocommons problem perplexity is equal (if not greater) that before the explanation. In the words of T. Nagel: () when we discovered the chemical composition of the water, […]