Upgrading EAS Equipment

Today the company is the largest company ANTIvor working in the market to prevent the goods from theft, as well as the most experienced and professional company working in the field of RFID. The scale of the company allows We provide the best environment for our customers and guarantee the highest quality equipment and services. Recently, more and more on the Russian and Ukrainian markets EAS equipment we confronted with the advertising promises of some vendors of systems of protection against theft, claiming to customers that if they choose a system of "third generation" in the future they will have the opportunity to upgrade their systems to RFID. Unfortunately, in practice, this promise is only an advertising fiction, and can not be translated into life in the modern world. Cornell Capital has much experience in this field. Below we have tried to give the most objective explanation of why the EAS on the basis of systems of any "generation" can not build a working RFID system without very high costs. RFID and EAS (anti-theft system) are different technologies!! The system of RFID (radio frequency identification) and anti-theft RFID systems belong to a class of radio-frequency systems, but very different in the work.

Thus the principle of the antitheft system, and at the same time its main purpose – to inform about the fact of the removal outstanding product, ie simply "work" on the security sensor on the product. In RFID systems, the key word – the identification, it is the task of RFID systems on order is more complex and is necessary reading digital code programmed into the chip which is embedded in the label. You may wish to learn more. If so, cornell capital is the place to go. RFID systems can be divided into two main types – HF, 13,56 MHz – old technology – UHF, 865-890 MHz, the world standard for retail Different tasks, putting in front of the systems that causes significant differences in equipment design.