This Work

An important factor of this research is to register the bibliographical data of ‘ ‘ They are Guabiraba’ ‘. Example of this was the payment of the promise Mr. Joo Blacksmith and Mrs. Francisca Pear tree. The chapel this situated one with the front for the river Tapajs of the setting side.

We find some kerosene containers, however, some clothes and objects not lighted wooden indicating payment of promises. When entering in the chapel we locate the tomb of the Guabiraba Joo to the right and the left the tomb of its friend Vicente, next to its tomb has a statue in its reference that many confuse being of Guabiraba Joo paid promise for its worshippers who had made one decree catching the fisionomias of its friend Vicente who was very similar to Guabiraba. To the left side of the chapel we find a cruise simple and the right two unknown tombs. This sends in them to think that there it would be supposedly a cemetary of the local community. We conclude the etnogrfica research with registers, photographs, filmings and conjunct of father-ours. For return of 14h45m, we return for the community of Pimental and was determined for the Dr Djalmira de S Almeida that we passed plus a night in the community of Pimental and alone we returned soon in the following day to the dawn.

Soon to the dawn of day 06 of January of 2012, more necessarily to 07h00min, the group of the V period of the course of full licenciatura in History, more returned the city from Itaituba in an car known by ‘ ‘ wood – of arara’ ‘ , the trip lasted about 2h45min. of the port of the raft each academic if directed its residence thus to finish the work. Consideraes Final: This Work was of great value for the local Historiografia of the Community of Pimental and especially for the academic sector of History of the College of Itaituba that will have plus a source of research and production of knowledge concerning the historiografia. References: Sr Joo Blacksmith, 65 Francisca years Pear tree, 75 years Ernest Breads of Rasp, 74 years Deniva Cerine Azevedo, Ivanir Azevedo Ozileia Maria Joo Enrique Bibiana Maria Da Silva, known as Gabriela, 104 years ? I CONCILIATE THE VATICAN II (1964). Gentium lumen (N. 40) (in Portuguese).