The Work And The Personal Satisfaction

Are you people constantly watching the clock waiting for the departure time? Do you wake up on Monday with depression because it starts your workweek? Do you alegras when he arrives Friday for relaxing weekend? You suffer during the journey to your work and you is eternal and annoying? Not feeling at ease playing your work? Do you find that your work environment does not satisfy you? Notes that there is no chance of progress for you?. Beware!.! You can be working on something that you don’t like or in an environment that is not appropriate for you. This situation not only affects your job performance, in your personal satisfaction, but in your life. Many people work on what they don’t like, because they have no other choice and need that monetary income, to provide at least their basic needs, but do not know that in addition to perform a task that is not them rewarding, also are affecting your life in various aspects. Working without passion and by the obligation to meet an economic need, humans view truncated their dreams, their hopes and their hopes. Working only for the economic benefit, in something that is not his full I like. What affects not only your physical health but also their emotional stability.

This can result in stress, reluctance, apathy, moodiness, situations that negatively affect family relations and partner. Because these negative feelings move work to the House, since many people do not the due separation between work and home. To avoid that this might happen to your hij @, you, as mother or parent can guide it so it can very well choose career, profession or occupation that more passionate about him. Not only that you like, but that you really feel that you can work on it, to the point of doing so free. To find out if career that your child is going to choose is that really excites him, ask him to do this simple exercise: tell him to think that he has all the money in the world and you don’t need to work by necessity.