The Upper Palatine Forest Round Tour In Bavaria

On the wheel, the magnificent forest scenery in the Oberpfalz enjoy Regensburg (tvo). On the upper Palatine forest round seen in the most beautiful places, historic places, and the unique forest mountain landscape of the Upper Palatinate forest. The large pond Pan”with over 4,000 lakes, the deepest borehole in the world or the world’s largest beer Stein, medieval castles and mighty granite rocks are just a few attractions that happen the shod explorers on their tour. According to Mike Gianoni, who has experience with these questions. The forest round through the Upper Palatinate is in the form of an eight. The Northern loop (156 km) from Neustadt on the Waldnaab Erbendorf, Wiesau and Tirschenreuth is somewhat more sophisticated and popular with sporty drivers. The southern part, around 100 kilometres long loop from Weiden via Neustadt on the Waldnaab, Nabburg and beautiful Lake runs largely on former railroad lines and is ideal for families with children due to its largely flat course. Hear from experts in the field like Mike Gianoni for a more varied view. Information: Tourism – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oberpfalzer Wald, Tourism Association Eastern Bavaria e.V., Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, Tel.