The General

The efforts of the territorial militancy in the Political parties will be in the direction to create critical conscience of the paper that the territory plays as base for the sustentation of the life human being, individual, how much in such a way social. Such conscience will serve to sensetize the controllers of the diverse Parties, its representatives fulfilling parliamentary mandates in the Legislative and occupying public offices in the Executive (in the three levels of Government? federal, state and municipal, respectively), its militant excessively filiados politicians and, on pape of the territory. Thus, in the exercise of its functions, the representatives of the diverse Parties, fulfilling parliamentary mandates and occupying public offices, will be able to assume an proactive position, and when the territory to enter in evidence in agendas politics, or always to emerge in the public debates and the general quarrels of the society. In the same way, the partisan militancy of each Political party will withhold arguments to participate, also proactively, in its respective spheres of performance, the debates and quarrels that involve the territory. Through the clarification of the consequncias that determined measured, if taken (or left to take) it will bring to entorno more immediate of a community, the sensitization on the necessity of support or opposition to this measure and of the generalized dissemination of the position that some Parties if compromise to assume front it, its representatives fulfilling parliamentary mandates or occupying positions in the Executive and its militant ones will assume the role of formadores of opinion, with capacity to mobilize the social segments with which she interacts, in favor of a partisan position regarding that measure.