The Barometer

The Barometer of the Support the Barometer of Sustainability ' ' Barometer of the Support is destined, as its authors, to the governmental agencies and not governmental borrowers of decision and involved people in relative questions to the sustainable development, in any level of the system, the place to the global one (Prescott- Allen, 1997). The Barometer of Sustainability ' ' Barometer of the Support uses of performance scales combining different pointers of support, being thus its results if of the one through indices, and this same combination favors a general vision of the state of the environment and the society. On the Barometer of the support: 1.ESCALA OF PERFORMANCE We understand the performance scale as a method that equals the measures, not mattering of which pointer if it treats, the recital this in being able to establish a igualitrio parameter of analysis, as in an equation where it has that to equal the signals of the multipliers to get to the end a linear and comprehensive product. Former: An airplane on average takes 45 minutes of So Paulo until Rio De Janeiro whereas an automobile takes 3 hours on average, but each one was considered to reach the same objective, however for different ways, if the airplane made its passage without problems or shunting lines, and imperfections its performance and performance are had as excellent, and the automobile in the same way, if it completed its passage without you damage mechanical, and same that has to have done a stop you give of that voluntary, its performance and performance are considered equally excellent. Since that the factor or dimension that is being analyzed either if to move of the point, for point B and its hierarchic relevance. 2.HIERARQUIA OF the SYSTEM the hierarquizado method can guarantee that a group of pointers points of correct form the state of the environment and the society, this can mean that such pointers are grouped in accordance with its relevance inside of the definition of the system and of definitive goal.