Tcc Environmental

Environmental education curricula constitute the largest of the attempts of educators in addressing the environmental crisis and explore the relationship between human beings and nature with students, however superficial, or even better, approaches they are supplementary. Used by teachers with little or no baggage of knowledge in environmental education. Supplementary approach can be compared with the approach of infusion, in which connected to environmental issues and discipline are integrated into traditional, such as mathematics, geography and science disciplines. By AC monographs prompt and TCC’s environmental education this approach of the emphasis the environmental issues and visa help students obtain a broader understanding on these issues and their relationship with traditional disciplines. So we effectively combat the environmentally problematic aspects of the curriculum and schooling, what seems more important is an assessment of the underlying ideological assumptions that inform educational practice I 2 sub-repetidademente the daily lives of students and educators. When made clear, these assumptions are what could be described as an educational philosophy, which is a set of explicit beliefs about the nature of the educational process itself. In a generic sense, an educational philosophy corresponds the issues related to the purpose of education, the role of the school in society and our obligations to future generations, as well as make clear the papeis to be exercised by the teacher and the student. Three philosophies applied to education, being that all can generate large monographs of pedagogy or technocratic education: argues that the decline in the health of the economy of the industrialized countries requires one return to a basic instructional program and a renewed commitment to superior parameters of educational conquest. Progressive: it argues in favour of an approach based on the research to learning, which supports a provision for experiments by the students. Holistic: stresses the pursuit of meaning and purpose in the physical and cultural world surrounding the child.