The Production Of Web Design And Development

This dilemma was irrelevant if it is not because in the majority of cases is you hire us for a web design and we ended up doing the production of much of resources and content that are required for their proper development. In crude terms design a web means building a graphic identity, functional and communication strategically for a project specific, instead producing a web requires also plan, materialize and integrate the content required to build the site, the difference can summarize it is two words more work (more tasks to run, more development time) and how have mentioned it many times. No developer has problem in working more, when you can charge for it. Of all the sites that I’ve designed I can tell you that only on two occasions I have had the immense joy of having received accurate, consolidated and timely information for the efficient development of the web, which means that the rest of the cases I have had to make a management extra by thinking, synthesize, get, wait or edit the information necessary for the […]