Social Sciences Development

Introduction this essay is intended to be a lecture on the role of social sciences in sustainable development. It starts with a brief description of the characteristics of the man and his capacity to modify their environment. What brings us a mention about the most important technological advances of recent years, highlighting the positive aspects that these developments have meant for society, but stressing the negative points that the human being has caused in the inertia of its development. Below we define the concept of sustainable development and the aspects that considers, finally flowing into the importance of the social sciences in that concept. The human being, is undoubtedly one of the most impressive species on this planet. You may find patrick mayberry to be a useful source of information. We have a host of amazing peculiarities: intellectual level we have reached, the ability to communicate and the creation of the language, the sensitivity for the arts, the establishment of moral systems, among many others. The man is capable of being author of larger samples of wit, intellect, sensibility, solidarity […]