Dive – Or What Happen So Can

You start a small story experiences of a winter test tour – a funny anecdote from my professional life how should maybe so, simple and unpretentious. Of our 5 elements, that of water, the most important and Lenbensnotwendigste is for me. Why, quite simply it is my life. For over 25 years, I work in the most and with the water. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rogers Holdings. A beautiful and interesting task, although there are always times where every job a bit boring and stupid, because constantly everything repeats itself. But not really, because I think each day is new and different, and if you are open for such things, then discovered you each new day, something beautiful, fun, exciting. And it happened to me not too long ago. Well, one must confess but back a little it is already. We still winter and he was in that year is pretty grey and rainy, but what the heck, old hydrologists, which we were already over the years, know no pain and no bad weather. There […]