This Citizen

It worries, this yes, any measures that, intentional, directa or indirectamente, promote the creation, in the seio of the public and half-public organisms, of privilege situations, for small minorities, bearers of public offices and top of careers, to the cost of the contributos of the maiorias that integrate the middle classes and superior trade bills of the low classrooms, considering that all are diligent of one same master, in the circumstance the State. In the Rule of law Democratic, and just solidary, Citizen-Politician with legislative offices, executive and of public administration in general, he will be intent to correct such abysses and, in measure of the possible one, gradually, will take all the measures so that it has more equity in the distribution of the national wealth, from the work of each citizen, whose remunerations and benefits must premiar the ability, the devotion and the merit, respecting minimum and maximum, next, it wants for the assets, it wants for the remodelled ones. To governing Citizen-Politician, executive, legislating or any who is its public office, as well as the o citizen […]