Successful Participation In The First Photography Contest For Women Of Facebook

On 20 February, to mark the launch of its new compact Sony Cybershot TX7, Sony called the “First Female Photography Contest”, exclusively for women, organized through the social network Facebook. “What concerns us women?” Is the question posed in the competition and be answered with an image. To participate, women only have to share a photograph on the wall of the official contest page on Facebook. The one who accumulates the most votes “Me Gusta” will be the winner of a Sony Cybershot TX7. This simple mechanism of participation, seems to be the key to success of the competition. That has created excitement and achieved high levels of participation by the contestants since its inception. They not only claim their vote, but judging the contributions of its rivals and express their opinions in comment beyond a single click. In the last three days of competition, between 15 and 18 March, the comments of the participants passed the thirties and exceeded a thousand votes. Throughout the campaign, the figures speak for themselves. More than 3,500 fans in less than 30 days. […]