Professor Economists

Since 1986 the planet already not can recompose things that humans are destroying every year, says Arcadi Oliveres. Degrowth believes that it is possible that working less, consume less and to devote more time to social life, the quality of our lives considerably, t.p. said recently the Professor of science policy of the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid Carlos Taibo. Democracy. Does the representative structure with the objective of dnder meet the interests of citizens? The existing discontent with the political class is related to its acceptance, often forced, the opinions of those who are not their constituents but have more power than these: those of qualification, financial investors who have bought public debt and supranational entities such as the EU. Thus, the social cuts are presented as an evil lesser of what would happen if they did. Debt. Another documentary, Greek Deudocracia, has also garnered some success in Internet to explain the roots of the creation of the debt of countries, the social consequences that implies an international rescue and the alternative, applied in Ecuador President Correa arguing it was […]