Corporative Educator

If this interaction does not occur of adjusted form, has a evolutivo picture that it goes of presentesmo to the anomie. This, because, instead of if concentrating in the attributions that them are proper, the individual psiquismo will be always alert to defend of the injunctions ' ' hostis' ' , more than what to find new forms of integration. From there for front, we have a spiral of defense and discord that the reception of the speech of the organization makes impracticable, for more creative the forms of if searching success in the taken over on a contract basis one. The nature human being and the condition human being always are of given hands, do not matter what they say the doutos? A practical example is the test of the ellipses. It only sees: it places three ellipses colored in sequence, but it leaves the last one of the lying line instead of being in foot. What you will go to notice first? It is clearly that it will come to its perception the difference and not it equality! […]