SYSTEM The Human

ECONOMIC SYSTEM The natural human history is full of disasters caused by the economic system, whatever its principles, wars, intrigues and competences to implement an ideology can be found in the passage of humanity, seeking safety and a better way of life. Call it socialism, communism or capitalism have always been discrepancies, disagreements and splits, some with no possibility of reconciliation, which has brought a long history of troubles, with different shades suffered by the world's populations. Since the emergence of human beings on planet earth, as a member of the animal or nature, but then was called "rational animal" has always depended on and depend on nature, natural way first (remained) after almost convulsively to meet our needs or the market. This dependence is inevitable, therefore, air, water, food, without listing the minerals and other goods of nature, not essential for life, we never avoid, but never! would otherwise die. For this prerequisite is impossible to live apart from her and she is simply living life, but the trade enters the market and its different manifestations where from a […]