In Brazil

Assintomtica phase: no symptom, but the test is positive for antigens of the HIV.Complexo related with AIDS (ARC): linfadenopatia, verbal diarria, candidase, loss of weight, fatigue, cutaneous eruption, recurrent infections, febre.AIDS: rare infections with pneumonia for pneumocystis carinii or rare cancers as sarcoma of kaposi or linfomas of B.Possveis cells complications: neurological comprometimento. According to Parslow et all: Including the linfcitos T, moncitos? macrophages, dendrticas cells foliculares and cells of langerhans; gradual global defects of the main characteristics imunolgicas of the virus of the imunodeficincia human being are: infection of the cells CD4 of the imunolgico system, humoral and cellular immunity; depletion of apparent linfcitos T CD4 (assistant? inductors); policlonal activation of linfcitos B with increase in the production of imunoglobulinas; evolution of the illness, the spite of the intense humorais and cellular answers against the virus. AIDS and women: As I land on water, 2005: In special, the question of the behavior of risk in women calls the attention, that is, the number of women infectadas for the virus comes growing in Brasil.Em 1986, entered a infectada woman to […]