Royal Covers

Protecting our most cherished items in course of history has been a factor of vital importance, as a result the invention of innovative items such as covers, which help us successfully meet this objective. Liners are an item developed in order to provide special care to the items you want to protect. The sleeves begin its historical development from the beginnings of Japanese and Chinese culture, where the first invented covers had the purpose of protecting the Royal guards and the samurai of sharp blades of their swords, from here the idea of creating a kind of containers to protect some items. Thus continued its development until the middle ages, where the preparation of protective elements for pillows or clothing began to use commonly. These were the first covers with useful domestic well-known. Currently covers have evolved so much that there are such lots of them that we only arem allusion to the most peculiar and used. Covers for cell phones and players: these sleeves are very small; specially designed to care for mobile phones and players, they are usually […]