The national States versus globalization. The political organization is an essential element in the construction of reality. Especially in times of changes, which will be to define the various stages of history. The problem of the political structures that form is that they end up becoming absolute values, which remain intractable economic models and mentalities that have become a brake when establishing a transformation, needed before new developments influenced by new technologies and the context in which it operates a very different economy. This is the moment in which we find ourselves at the entrance of the third millennium. Nation States are the product of very specific circumstances, in which an emotional component (patriotism) that prevents the rationality of its evolution towards other forms of organization that gradually are established, despite the resistance of many sectors of society has turned. At the end, before the inevitable events of social evolution, what remains is the price which must be paid by great changes demanded by reality. A price measured in wars, deaths, delay in scientific research, or at least its application […]