Marketing Research

Marketing research – a necessary process for any company. For a new player is the ability to find their market segment, to understand what he can claim and what the niche is not occupied. For long-time players – to understand at what direction, he can expect is to invest and withdraw capital from the firm to bring more profit. In itself, this market research: a) clarification of needs, desires and preferences consumers, in other words, what motivates consumer demand for certain goods or services, b) a study of direct competitors in the market, and c) the study of markets themselves, or specific market segments. Methods allowing to obtain the necessary data for analysis, are an important part of the study as a whole. After all, on the correct methods and their combination depends on the reliability of the data. All methods of marketing Research can be divided into three groups: qualitative, quantitative and desk. Qualitative Methods: A group of methods has received this name because they do not give quantitative results (in contrast to all other), and only qualitative. These […]

Typical Certification

Most often, this type of certification resort voluntarily by those who deliver a variety of products from abroad. This document allows you to determine whether the goods supplied to the laboratory corresponds to the state standard and other regulations. As a rule, receive this type of certificate does not take much time. Turning to the experts, you are just a few days get your hands on a document – certification, confirming the quality of imported products. Some firms involved in the provision of services on certification of products and services offer significant discounts and quality checks provided for the certification of goods. Certificate of the case for products of foreign manufacture, which is imported into the country for the first time, and repeatedly. First and foremost, it concerns goods imported from abroad. Given that many goods are produced for boundary of control, often on the Russian market fall items and home appliances are very low quality, which physically can not get certified because they do not correspond to any norms and standards. As Typically, the cost of their low, but […]