Corpus Christi

In other words, everyone who does not believe in God are evil and those who do not fear death, are ateos.a While still very young, that I left Chile in black and white where there could be an atheist if it belonged to certain social groups and / or political. My destination was Spain, and discovered with some disappointment in that respect, the Spanish then (70s) were more extreme than the Chileans. The Catholic Church was powerful and no one disputed his doctrine, unless you were a rojoa kill priests. Franco and his family, as members of government, political and military authorities and society in general, were deeply religious and anyone who dared to question the existence of God, they would be getting into serious trouble. It would not be me, a young immigrant grateful for the loving and hospitable host offered me these decent Spanish, now dear compatriots, who would question their beliefs, customs and traditions. I found that without the need for a creera , could also enjoy the magnificent Corpus Christi processions through the streets of Las […]